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May 2012 – Your Stories  //  May 2012 - Your Stories

07 May Your Stories | Comments Off

A pleased OPL client shared these kudos:

  • Kudos # 1:  Congrats to the person(s) in charge of dvd acquisitions. We have a great collection, including many films that I had read about and even taught about (I used to teach Film Studies at the University of Ottawa) but had never seen. Now I had. And the collection is being kept up-to-date.
  • Kudos #2:  To everybody at the OPL. It is certainly one of the best services this city provides. Yes, I appreciate it as much as the paramedic/ambulance services or the fire department. The personnel is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. It is a pleasure to visit. We even discuss films, books or other relevant goings-on when I go through the check-out. (I use mostly Main and Sunnyside, but I am sure it is the same at all branches).
  • One – relatively minor – suggestion: I might be old fashioned, but when in the seating/reading areas of a library, I like to have silence.  Perhaps a few signs to encourage patrons to keep it quiet, go outside or speak in a hush if using a cell phone might be appropriate.  To all, thanks and keep up the good work!

One happy library user exclaimed:

I am SOOOO impressed with your digital and online services! Wow, talk about keeping up with the times! I love that we can borrow digital and electronic material, and that you send reminders when to bring back hardcopies. Amazing work! I have just made a $50 donation to the OPL foundation in support of what you do.  Thanks so much!!!


A written note from a grateful patron reads:

Dear Ms. Archer, I am writing to you as manager to commend Anne Shannon, Public Service Assistant, at the Carlingwood branch.  Not owning a computer and not knowing how to use one, I came in last Thursday to use your Internet services on a vital personal matter.  She was an invaluable assistant, for which I am grateful.  Many thanks.


Romaine Honey, Librarian at the Main branch, received the following email from an e-reference customer:

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I thank you for your efforts regarding this. If you ever become interested in a career change I’m sure you would make a first class detective!  Thanks again!